Our Impact

–  They know the playground is a place of safety where their views and needs are the priority – they know that staff will make time for them, listen to them and treat them with respect.

– The playground is a place to obtain a healthy hot meal and drink – MAPA has a partnership with Fare Share that involves a weekly delivery of fresh fruit and vegetables and nutritious staples such as rice and pasta, and cooks almost daily on the open fire. Children also get involved in food preparation.

– Kids get plenty of physical exercise through climbing, running, jumping and swinging

– They can and do learn new skills, e.g. construction and tool use, cooking, bike repairs, including ‘soft’ skills such as empathy, communication and listening.

– They are supported to assess and take risks e.g. use fire responsibly, judge heights etc.

– They are encouraged to see other perspectives as well developing their own, to become responsible for their own behaviour and to look after themselves and each other

– They can be involved in the planning and design of play structures and play activities and events.

– We support young people to cope with the issues they face in their lives, such as knife crime, sexual health and relationships, gambling, bullying etc.